About Us

The Association of Chinese Americans in Kentuckiana (ACAK*), founded on June 28, 2018, is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status.  Its missions are to promote the Chinese cultural heritage and enhance cross-cultural understanding, to assist Chinese Americans to better integrate into the mainstream society, and enhance the quality of life and well-being of Chinese Americans and the community-at-large in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

肯印華美協會   (中文暱稱: “愛家”) 於二零一八年六月二十八日成立。 ACAK 是一個非營利的符合美國國稅501(c)3 定義的公益組織,其宗旨是構建團結、溫馨、充滿活力的華人社區,傳承傳播中華文化,增強跨文化理解,為華人融入和回饋美國社會提供平台。

ACAK is a non-membership-driven organization. It consists of a Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. It is governed by the Board of Directors and managed by the elected Officers. Under the direction of Officers, there are committees in charge of the coordination of specific activities.  Near the end of May, ACAK's fiscal year, there will be an annual review of the Board of Directors and Officers for any changes. If needed, there will be an open election for the Board or an officer. Any interested individual is welcome to apply when a position is open.

* Note:ACAK, pronounced as [‘ei ka]

Board of Advisors

  • Chou, Robert
  • Hu, Xiaodong
  • Lee, Yulin
  • Yan, Jun
  • You, Yong

Board of Directors (2021-2024)

  • Dong, Yinghao
  • Jiang, Min
  • Li, Fengling
  • Li, Guoxiang
  • Liu, Weiling
  • Wang, Bill
  • Wang, Aijie
  • Yang, Hong (Executive Director)
  • Yang, Li
  • Zhao, Andrew

Officers (2021-2022)

Yang, Hong — President (2021-2022)

Yang, Li — Vice President (2021-2022)

Liu, Weiling — Secretary (2021-2022)

Li, Fengling — Treasurer (2020-2022)

Community Outreach Committee 

In charge of publicity. In conjunction with other related committees as needed, reach out to communities to prompt ACAK.

  • Andrew Zhao

Fundraising Committee 

In charge of fundraising. In conjunction with other related committees as needed, reach out for sponsors for ACAK programs/events or potential donors for donations.

  • Bill Wang
  • Fengling Li

Program Planning Committee 

In charge of drafting an annual plan of programs and events. In conjunction with other related committees as needed to carry out matters of programs or activities.

  • Guoxiang Li
  • Li Yang

Cultural Promotion Committee 

In charge of promoting Chinese culture. In conjunction with other related committees as needed to coordinate the participation of cultural events or to promote Chinese culture.

  • Yinghao Dong
  • Aijie Wang

Community Help Committee 

In charge of matters related to assistant needs among the Chinese community. In conjunction with other committees as needed to collect and share information or resources requested by the community.

  • Hong Yang

Officers (2018-2020)

    • Liu, Weiling — President (2018-2020)
    • Liu, Zhong — Vice President (2018-2020)
    • Jing, Shawn — Secretary (2018-2020)
    • Matzner, Tina — Treasurer (2018-2020)

    Officers (2020-2021)
    • Liu, Weiling — President (2020-2021)
    • Yang, Li — Vice President (2020-2021)
    • Yang, Hong — Secretary (2020-2022)
    • Li, Fengling — Treasurer (2020-2022)

    Board of Directors (2018-2021)

    • Chiu, Jack
    • Hong, Haifeng (2018-2020) 
    • Jiang, Min
    • Jing, Shawn
    • Li, Guoxiang
    • Li, Lisa
    • Liu, Weiling (Executive Director)
    • Liu, Zhong
    • Matzner, Tina
    • Wan, Zhengli
    • Wang, Bill
    • Xu, Jason
    • Xu, Nian
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